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Stereo Times Standout Room CES 2009

Rockport Technologies/YpsilonElectronics/Blue Smoke Entertainment

Written by Key Kim

Venetian room 31-126 was a standout. Rockport Technologies, Ypsilon Electronics and Blue Smoke Entertainment were in harmony. The music sounded smooth, yet was detailed and transparent with a beautiful soundstage. 

The system consisted of visually stunning Rockport Technologies Aquila ($44,500), with an impressive high gloss piano black finish.The Aquilas were driven by the massive Greek Ypsilon Electronics SET-100 mono block amplifiers ($90k) and a PST-100 preamplifier ($36k). 

The Blue Smoke Entertainment Black Box digital music system ($6,995), MSB Technology DAC III ($17,485), Harmonic Resolution System equipment rack and Transparent Audio cables were utilized throughout the system.

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