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The Audio Beat - RMAF 2009 - Best of Show

Though the Tidal Contriva Diacera SE speakers seemed too large for the room in which they were used, the sound they produced -- big, fast, and musically detailed -- overcame any preconceived notions. The electronics were all from Ypsilon, including a CDT 100 CD player/transport ($25,000), a DAC 100 digital-to-analog converter ($29,000), a VPS 100 phono stage ($25,000), and a PST 100 preamp ($36,000). The Ypsilon DHT mono amps ($75,000/pair) use the big Russian GM70 output tube. All cables were from Stage III, the rack was from Acapella, and the power products were from Isoclean. The turntable was a Bergmann Sindre ($20,000).

We expect a particular sound from speakers with ceramic drivers -- one that's unnaturally uptight, often constricting dynamics and instrumental bloom. But these Tidal speakers seem to be of a different breed, as the sound billowed from them with ease and natural dynamic flow. Hugh Masakela's "Stimela," a demo-music staple, was as forceful and quick-paced as ever on LP. Some great sound in a small room; what could all of this equipment do in a larger space?

Link to show report site... http://www.theaudiobeat.com/show.htm

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